Friday, 3 February 2017

The beautiful memories at The Grand Hyatt, Goa!

We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there. 
Well, I could relate to a lot to the above statements while making each travel and living up to the beauty and serenity of the place depending on the vacation I plan out for myself. This time I decided to bring down the memories from one of the most sought after destination in India i.e Goa.
First things first. The Grand Hyatt, Goa. Amazing property! These are the words that came out right when we stepped into the hotel area. The views all around were beautiful. We chose the bay view which even provided us with the more amazing views of the area and gave us tremendous joys and memories. The stay at the hotel coincided with my daughter's birthday. The best hospitality that I could ever receive was here, where the guest relation staff at the hotel, planned out a surprise party for my daughter filling her day with splendid number of joys. I considered it a very thoughtful experience and delight.
The spa, sauna and jacuzzi here are the amazing experiences and are at par excellence. Staff is quite humble, polite and helpful. The gym facility should be experienced for the health freaks and also not to leave out the casino, where no matter what, one can think of trying out one's luck. Also, the kids could be sent to the kids club with everyone in the family enjoying the trip equally.
The amazing hotel, which is beautiful during the day, turns vista during the night. It has been a delightful experience of the stay at this amazing, spell- bound property. The team at this hotel works like a family which presented overall a beautiful experience for the whole family. The hotel had a wide range of restaurants where again the chefs were so keen and interested to satisfy the taste buds of the visitors and give them an amazing experience at the dining table. The hotel has a private beach area to relax and enjoy with the family away from the hustles and bustles of a busy life schedule.
The experience at this property has been so grand that the subsequent visits to Goa, would draw me to this hotel to fetch new and beautiful memories with this place.
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Monday, 21 December 2015

The reporting of sexual violence!

Coming to describe "Sexual violence", it is a kind of physical violence at large, and also the psychological violence which hampers the mental imbalance and the sexual integrity of the victim. Quite often the victims face traumatic experiences throughout their lives, and continue to live a life of psychological, social, and physical pressures .
The victims often prefer to hide the sexual violence and brutality in order of the fear of humiliation from the society and because of the fear of neglect and negative attitude and behaviour of the people towards them. The victims could be males or females, depending upon the perpetrators. There are lot of reasons and causes which leads to the non- reporting of the sexual violence cases which is a negative aspect of the society. The taboo associated with such acts should be shunned and a positive outlook should be given out which would lead to the awareness among people and the victims get their justice and perpetrators are punished.

Not reporting of the sexual violence is one's own choice and according to the individual's rational and personal decision, the individual should keep in mind and consider their following rights and possibilities before taking a decision, and making up one's mind before the presentation of the case.
Sexual attacks and violence involved often leaves the mental impact on victims, and often it heads to psychological disturbances which may affect their personal and social acquaintances largely. There are several ways and instruments through which one could forward and seek help in case of sexual violence. It can be seeking help from someone closer, describing and reporting them about the sexual violence attacks. This can be helpful in regaining interpersonal behaviour after the act which is traumatic. To address the issue several psychological counselling and therapy centres in India have come up where the victims can taken to receive medication, counselling, and rehabilitation.
If the victims keep the matter hidden and do not bring it forward, they are denying themselves justice and letting the assaulter to hang around freely, letting him/her to commit further crimes. Also, the medication and other remedies, and help does not reach to them, if the act is kept silent. The medical assistance should be immediately taken in order to prevent any kind of diseases or unwanted pregnancy or any other related issue.

It is important that the victim must report the act of sexual violence it keeping in mind the fact that the perpetrator can attack others too and shall continue to assault others. Reporting would enable the people in charge to take appropriate actions and shall prevent any such acts by the attacker. It shall empower the victim and shall enable him to live confidently and in a respectable manner. The victim need not to feel ashamed of the act of the perpetrator or any of the mis-happening that happened.

Thus, the victim need not be ashamed of anything and should not consider political, personal, or any other social obligation in order to step ahead and to go forward to report the incident/accident. This would not let the abuser roam around freely, and make them the victim and the individual as brave survivor and fighter who would be an assistance in preventing the crime to spread further.

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Saturday, 31 January 2015


The website has come out with a very new and a bold feature that would come to be very useful and beneficial for the users of the website which would enable more privacy and authenticity to the users. With Quikr Nxt as an option launched on, both the parties i.e the buyers and the sellers can initiate the conversation with each other and get the details information immediately from each other, they can connect with each other through different platforms depending upon the ways through which the users are acessing the website which ranges from chat across Quikr's mobile application to the mobile site and even its desktop site versions on the browser depending upon the comfortability. This feature of would come as a great boon to the users on the website as it has lot of unique features which would be liked by people using the website for their sale and purchase at good prices. This would transform India's online classifieds market and e-commerce as it allows the users to converse and communicate with each other at their own level od convenience and can request for more details about the products or services, without requiring the need to make a single phone call.
With the advent of this feature on the e-commerce platform, this would make users to believe more in the system of searching and purchasing the things online and making a safe transaction only when the user feels satisfied and comfortable about all the information that is being generated on the chat.
The number sharing by the users is largely prevented. This would lead to more privacy among the users without feeling the need to disclose and share their numbers. It is important that users information is kept safe and intact with them as this would prevent the fraud and fake cases to contact the users.
Also, the information sharing and photo sharing on the site can be carried out quite effectively with this feature. The user can ask for the details online without arriving at the need to share their numbers and other contact details. It is essential and in user's hands to keep their private information secured with them to prevent any mishappening to take place.
The new feature of the website also serves the option of saving the chat history where the users can maintain the chat record which could later be used. This would keep the users aware and alert from going fake and unauthentic. There would be fair deals taking place through this feature on the website and the user can feel comfortable in making the transaction. While making the transaction both the parties should be adequately satisfied.
Thus, we see that the new feature on i.e QUIKR NXT is a great one on the e-commerce platform where the users would feel happy about this launch.

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Waah Garnier!

Well, when we come to talk of pimples in our everyday life, it is rather a depressing topic and no one really comes to absorb the fact of their acceptance and is in a run and rush to get rid of them, for certain definite reasons for they are simply the cause of pain and unhappiness. 
The several ways it has come to effect the everyday life are as follows:
1) Inconvenience at the wokplace: Pimples usually cause uneasiness at the workplace and are not a welcomed sight to oneself and others.
2) Unwanted Pain: There is so much of pain that the pimples cause. No one wants pain and thus a cause of irritation and uncomfort for an individual.
3) Cautions and precautions: Any individual who faces the acne and pimples problems has to take lots of cautions and precautions is so many activities that one takes on in life. One has to be careful about the contents of the products, about the environment, about the daily schedules and patterns and several other things.
Being a user of Garnier products and especially its face wash and face protection products, I experienced some of the major changes within myself and few other whom I suggested to go with and try the product.
Some of the changes seen have been: 
1. Clean Skin: The face skin feels fresh and clean for quite a longer time than the usual. The fresh feeling generated is one of a kind with a clean face.
2. Less emergence and eruption of pimples: There has been a observed reduction in the eruption of new pimples on the face. There is no better bliss and amazement for the people who face pimple and acne problem than the one of the reduction in their number.
3. Freshness: There is altogether a different feeling that one experiences of that of freshness with the Garnier pure active Neem face wash. The freshness is quite visible and clear. 
4. Renders skin oil-free: It keeps the skin oil- free for quite a longer period of time and thus aids in the maintenance of clean and clear skin longer durations.
5. Reduction in irkish feelings: There is an observed change that I could figure out with myself and also others. There is reduction in the weird behaviour of the individuals facing the pimples and other related issues. This makes us cheerful and happy, and takes away the irkish and irritating attitude of ours and others.
These have been the major benefits and changes that have come to be with me with the use of the amazing product by Garnier i.e GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM.
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Quikr - Quicker!

Being a Bangalorean, I would recommend to anybody relocating to Bangalore for plenty number of reasons which could range from being afforadable to easy availability, from quality satisfying to best deals being available for both - buyers and sellers.
In an e-commerce world that we have come to enter into, it is ssential that we shift and adapt ourselves to these new modes of buying and selling of products, where number of choices are available, and the buyers (consumers) can make a selective choice by contacting the seller, though at one's own discretion where the transaction is solely the responsibility of the buyers and sellers.
There are lesser chances of being cheated for the price as there is a lot of competition building up in this sector and there are lots of options available to the buyers on the site. 
For anyone relocating to Bangalore, I shall surely recommend the Bangalore Quikr sit to him/her for I have had a good experience of shopping and getting good deals on the products with, though would make sure that proper inspection of the seller, product and prices is being done and are not being cheated and looted by the buyer.
Home decorations and furnishings in Bangalore could be found largely because large number of people relocate every now and then in Bangalore due to huge amount of commercialisation and IT sector. It is not easy to carry stuff from on location to other, and thus a lot of sellers are available, alongside long queue of buyers. In this mode of transaction, it is beneficial for both the parties i.e buyers and sellers, as the sellers get a price for their products and the products are available for the buyers at a very low price.
Bed, beddings, dressing table, kitchen accessories are essential for any person relocating from any place. No one really loves to shift stuff from one place to another, instead looks for better and convenient facilities that could be available at the  job/ college location, and here QUIKR comes to play a great role making it a wonder land for the buyers and sellers.
Bargains and negotiations are done depending on the quality of the product, market prices of the product and the abilities of the buyers to bargain on for the price of the commodity. Recommending an online platform where a good reserch for the necessary products could be done and the sellers or dealers could be contacted for the product being sold by them is a convenient place to look around for the important and essential products.
In the era of globalisation we must realize the need of e-commerce and bring them at our disposal for our benefits and making the best use out of the options available, as for relocation, it beomes difficult to make the shifting, and here has come to play a grand role.

Monday, 1 December 2014

That Perfect Air-Force Officer! #WillYouShave

It is very important to be shaved every day when reporting to work for many reasons. One of the reasons why it is important to shave every day is so you will keep that professional look that you need while serving in the army. If we do not shave, we look improper and look as if we do not care about hygiene. It is something we have to do every day to look like professional soldiers. Coming in to work with an unshaven face detracts from a professional military appearance. Another reason for shaving every day is that we keep our uniformity. 

Shaving every day like an air-force man should and being at the right place at the right time has a great impact on your fellow subordinate soldiers. I, as a specialist, need to keep to the standard to be an example towards subordinates and other officials. Coming in with a fresh shaven face shows my peers that I care about my career and the military standards. By doing this, I can show them that I am a professional soldier that they can look up to. They and others will realize that I am executing my duties as a officer, and hopefully they will do the same as me. Shaving and keeping proper hygiene will put me ahead of my peers and show my NCO’s that I am ready for the next level. Whether it is a promotion or leadership positions; I need to show that I follow and set the standards. Also, doing simple things such as; shaving every day and being at the right place at the right time, will keep my NCO’s off of my back and hopefully off of their radar. If I can stay off their radar it will in turn open new doors for me; for example: advanced training classes or new opportunities in general. 

The world has huge plethora of opportunities, it just awaits the few special one to capture and take them ahead who know what all it takes to be that special professional individual to stand out in life with the achievements and victories into the bag of life.

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Blink into the forces of the nation! #WillYouShave

If you meaning shaving the face there are a few reasons why it can do not just some good, but a lot more than one expects. It makes one to explore the limitless with the well grooming skills and the aura that one generates. For one, it looks better on most men. Another reason is that it is more hygienic as beards can trap food, etc. Beards can also cause acne, as you might not be able to wash your skin as easily, it also can't breath as easily, and won't absorb moisturizer as readily. Another great reason to shave is it can actually prevent aging somewhat. 

Have you ever noticed that men at the same age as women tend to have firmer more line free skin? This is because men are exfoliating their skin daily while shaving, not allowing wrinkles to form, because they remove some of the top layer of the skin. Though, of course, some people find beards and facial hair very attractive, and some men look better with it than without. Say you have a weak chin, a beard can often make it look as though it's bigger.

Going by the example from real life, in all of the military services, be it army, navy or airforce, men are expected to be well groomed and shaved to be neat and properly groomed not only for the sake of discipline and conformity but also, historically, to prevent transmission of things like lice, etc. ( though which rarely happens nowadays). These forces also requires one to be clean shaven for the purpose of fire fighting and CBR, and several other factors and issues.

A well groomed personality gives a great persona and huge respect among the fellow-mates and officials with the professional appearances at the right time and point, which is an ultimate successful point in life that would bring on the wonders and surprises in life, for their are maintenance, and grooming awards in different ceremonies that gives the pride and honour to the winners and inspiration for others to take on things in a decent and thoughtful manner.

Our military forces people do a great job by putting themselves into the good shoes of grooming themselves in the best of manner and take care of all the civilians of the nation with great passion. It instills in them the confidence and keeps them in high spirits for their the psyche plays an important role in a lot of ways that life offers to the individual, like that in the forces.

Thus, this brings to sight the importance of going high with grooming well for oneself and waves that one generates in life. Living the life into military forces is one of the great laurel and achievement of an individual, and always holds his head high, and becomes a reason of pride for not only the family but for the whole nation.

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